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  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not just a single issue candidate

    By Ramona du Houx

    While Sen. Sanders has declared many times he would, "break up the banks."  He's never answered exactly would that do to our economy? Dot-Frank is a legal way to keep banks in check (no pun intended). And if the banks get out of hand again the USA can legally break them up. In addition Hillary wishes to put simlar restrictions on the insurance industry, shadow banking, and other players that created the worst recession since the Great Depression. 

    What would happen to main street if Wall Street was broken up?

    The big banks, as we've witnessed, transfer their problems to the consumer when they are checkmated. It's more than likely we could suffer another recession at the hands of the banks, because Sanders wants to break them up - now. This is Sen. Sanders' big platform-his issue.

    On February 11th in Wisconsin, Former Secretaryof State Hillary Clinton closed a Democratic debate against Sen. Sanders with these remarks:

    We agree that we've got to get unaccountable money out of politics. We agree that Wall Street should never be allowed to wreck Main Street again. But here's the point I want to make tonight. I am not a single issue candidate, and I do not believe we live in a single issue country.

    I think that a lot of what we have to overcome to break down the barriers that are holding people back, whether it's poison in the water of the children of Flint, or whether it's the poor miners who are being left out and left behind in coal country, or whether it is any other American today who feels somehow put down and oppressed by racism, by sexism, by discrimination against the LGBT community, against the kind of efforts that need to be made to root out all of these barriers, that is what I want to take on.

    And here in Wisconsin I want to reiterate, we've got to stand up for unions and working people who have been at the core of the American middle class and who are being attacked by ideologues, by demagogues. Yes, does Wall Street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil, all of it, have too much influence? You're right.

    But if we were to stop that tomorrow, we would still have the indifference, the negligence that we saw in Flint. We would still have racism holding people back. We would still have sexism preventing women from getting equal pay.We would still have LGBT people who get married on Saturday and get fired on Monday. And we would still have governors like Scott Walker and others trying to rip out the heart of the middle class by making it impossible to organize and stand up for better wages and working conditions.

    So I'm going to keep talking about tearing down all the barriers that stand in the way of Americans fulfilling their potential because I don't think our country can live up to its potential unless we give a chance to every single American to live up to theirs.