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  • Portland, Maine's, snow shoveling program for those 65 and older

    After coordinating the service for ten years, 80-year-old Munjoy Hill resident, Joan Sheedy, passed the torch to keep the snow shoveling program for elderly residents in operation. This winter, the City of Portland's Office of Elder Affairs, with help from volunteer coordinators in several Portland neighborhoods, will match Portland residents who are aged 65+ or have physical disabilities that make snow shoveling difficult with volunteer groups and individuals willing to shovel.

    Volunteers are asked to shovel the steps and a path from the front door to the sidewalk as well as the stretch of sidewalk in front of the property. They are not asked to shovel the entire driveway or clear snow from roofs. The idea is to create a path which allows the senior citizen, emergency responders, Meals on Wheels delivery people, mail carriers and other visitors to get in and out of the house safely.

    Once a volunteer receives an “assignment”, they will shovel for the same resident(s) after each storm throughout the winter.

    To request snow shoveling assistance or to volunteer, please contact one of the following individuals, depending on your location:

    Deering -         Leah Koch      207-239-7051 

    East End -       Molly McCarthy   857-204-6856

    West End -      Wells Lyons      207-274-1221

    Back Cove -    Carol Colton     207-899-3092 or 508-728-1296

    Other neighborhoods (and FMI) Linda Weare, Office of Elder Affairs, City of Portland 207-541-6620