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  • Maine's first Tesla Motor charging station opens in Augusta

    Tesla Motors has opened a supercharging station for its line of upscale all-electric vehicles at the Marketplace at Augusta mall. The station will be the most northern of Tesla's network of charging stations placed along the Interstate 95 corridor.

    Spokeswoman Sonja Knoch said the Augusta site will allow Tesla Model S owners to "have free seamless travel into upstate Maine, New England, eastern Canada, and routes leading cross country."

    Maine has just 32 Tesla owners. One Adam Lee of Lee Auto Malls. A Tesla S sells for between $70,000 and $120,000.

    Officials say 30 minutes of charging at a station allows up to 170 miles of range in Model S vehicles. Tesla has over 500 supercharger stations worldwide.

    Tesla's founder is also in the process of opening the world largest battery manufactuing plant in California. These specialized batteries will store electricity generated from alternative energy sources, mainly solar.