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  • Portland, ME, launches landlord registration process

    Photo of Portland, Maine in the sumertime by Ramona du Houx

    Rental housing registration form now available, due by January 1

    Following the creation of the Housing Safety Office, Portland, Maine, is now ready to launch the rental housing registration process, which requires landlords to register their rental properties and pay a $35 fee per unit by January 1, 2016.

    The form can be found at and the fee can be paid online.

    "The rental housing registration will allow us to gather much needed data on our rental housing stock in Portland,” said Jon Jennings, City Manager. “This data will be used to help build a database for our inspectors, and be available as a resource for the public. We urge landlords to submit their registration forms as quickly as possible so we can begin building the database and performing inspections in the new year.”

    Landlords can reduce the registration fee through the use of the following approved discounts:

    • $10 for a fully-sprinkled building (verification: testing/maintenance report and/or maintenance contract)
    • $7.50 for a centrally-monitored fire alarm (verification: Fire Department logs and/or alarm contract)
    • $5 for a HUD HQS inspection (verification: inspection report within last year)
    • $10 for a HUD UPCS inspection (verification: inspection report within last year)
    • $2.50 for a smoke-free policy (verification: copy of lease and spot checks)

    The fee cannot drop below $15 per unit.

    The City Council approved the creation of the Housing Safety Office on June 25, 2015 following recommendations presented to them by the Fire/Code Inspections Task Force. In addition to the new Administrator and inspectors who will be cross-trained in code enforcement and fire safety, the Housing Safety Office is charged with implementing a risk-based prioritization process for inspections; conducting inspections; and overseeing and enforcing the revised landlord registration ordinance.