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  • Special Elections in Maine House Districts 19, 23 see democratic wins and hope for the future

    By Ramona du Houx

    Special Elections in Maine House Districts 19, 23 see democratic wins and bring hope for the future.

    "Congratulations to candidates Lester Ordway of Standish and Matthew Harrington of Sanford," said House Speaker Mark Eves, D- North Berwick. "These were highly contested, very close, hard fought races in swing and Republican leaning districts." 

    Democrats hold the majority in the Maine House with a 78 seat majority.  There are four independents and 69 Republicans. 

    Republicans will likely challenge the victory of Ordway in Standish, District 19.

    "We expect a recount in House District 19, where the margin of victory was 15 votes. Regardless of the results, we must all come together to grow good jobs and strong wages in our state," said Eves.

    Democrats have hopes of increasing House members in the 2016 elections and reclaiming the State Senate, thereby enabling the legislature with the ability to over-ride Gov. LePage's veto on the Affordable Care Act expansion that would cover 70,0000 Mainers still without health insurance. 

    The ACA has proven it's effectiveness in other states while bringing funds in as state revenue.

    Dirigo Health Care Act, of Governor John Baldacci, covered more Mainers and increased healthcare outcomes, putting Maine in a list for of the 10 best states for healthcare coverage. But when LePage took office he eliminated Dirigo, put Maine near the bottom of the list, and put thousands of Mainer's health at risk.