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  • Protest rally against the racist signs against mayoral candidate Ben Chin in Lewiston, Maine

    In Lewiston there was a protest rally against the racist signs against mayoral candidate Ben Chin. The above video is his and the community’s response.

    "I was sickened by the posters that went up in the community over the weekend. The immigrants who have come to Lewiston during the last 100 years and built our community have faced enough discrimination. This kind of hatred and racism have no place in our community. It needs to stop," said Maine Representative Peggy Rotundo, of Lewiston.

    The two signs were mounted on buildings that are owned and managed by backers of incumbent Mayor Bob Macdonald. Macdonald, you may recall, recently called for the creation of a website that would list names and addresses of all Maine residents on welfare.

    The signs that read "Don't vote for Ho Chi Chin; vote for more jobs not welfare" were on Main Street and Pine Street buildings.  The bright red and yellow sign includes hammers and sickles and distributing cartoon caricature of Ho Chi Minh.

    Building owner Joe Dunne is a negligent landlords with a horrendous history of code violations and tenant abuses in Lewiston.

    "This morning Ben Chin for Mayor woke up to a number of racist signs hanging throughout Lewiston. The culprit, a notorious landlord, and ally of the current mayor, who's unethical practices have been a major part of Ben's campaign. Hate is a virus that unless stopped by men and women of good conscience, will only spread. Hate will not create jobs. Hate will not help neighborhoods. Hate has never solved any problems. Only people, all people, working together can do that. I believe that the people of Lewiston will vote for hope over hate," said Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci, who is also running for Congress.

     “The future of Lewiston is too important to be sidetracked by filth like this," said Chin in a statement from his campaign. "It will only make me fight harder to bring people together to revitalize Lewiston and improve our city’s reputation.”

    "It's completely unacceptable," said state Rep. Jared Golden, D-Lewiston. "We are a better city than that."