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  • Joe Baldacci raises over $124,338 in first two months of his congressional campaign

    Right: Joe Baldacci hosted his first spaghetti dinner/minimum-wage forum on June 26th in Lewiston. Photo by Ramona du Houx

    In the first two months of his campaign for Maine's 2 Congressional District, Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci has raised over $124,338 with 98.89 percent of contributions made by individuals, and  90.08 percent coming from the people of Maine.

    “The amount of support and trust in our campaign, in only two months, has not only justified my own decision to enter this race, but has forged my already unwavering commitment to the people of this district,” said the former Bangor mayor Baldacci. “What I am most proud of is where this money has come from; over 90 percent from Mainers and more than half off our contributions are $100 dollars or less. This is truly a campaign for and by the people of Maine.”

    In contrast, Congressman Bruce Poliquin's funds have come at the expense of his constituents- the people of the 2nd District. After signing a Pledge to take the advise of the National Republican Party Poliquin has received over 50 percent of his money from Washington D.C. PAC’s, financial and Wall Street interests, and other members of Congress. The majority of these donors have their own agendas which will not benefit the people of Maine.

    Baldacci will face former state senator Emily Cain in a Democratic primary for the 2nd District. Cain said she raised $205,853 over three months, from July 1 to Sept. 30th.