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  • Rep. Short rejoins the Democratic Party, Maine House Democratic caucus

    Rep. Stanley Short Jr. of Pittsfield is rejoining the House Democratic caucus after reenrolling in the Democratic Party on September 24, 2015.

    “Over the last five months, I have had numerous discussions with constituents, fellow members in the House of Representatives as well as family members about my decision in April to unenroll. Those discussions and many hours of thought on my part led me to rejoin the Democratic Party,” Short said. “I had been a member of the Democratic Party for many years and I have now come to believe that my return is in the best interest of my constituents. It is also without a doubt where I need to be to continue my lifelong fight for the working men and women of Maine. I obviously did not and will not agree with every position that another Democrat takes, but as a member of the party I can play a role in the shaping of caucus strategy.”

    Democratic leaders greeted the news with enthusiasm and extended a warm welcome to Short.

    “Rep. Stanley Short Jr. has and always will be an unwavering champion of the workingman and workingwoman both inside and outside the State House. He fights for them at every turn, whether we’re talking about policies that ensure an honest paycheck for an honest day’s work, protect American jobs or promote fairness in the workplace. He is relentless in his advocacy for economic opportunity for all as well as being committed to Maine’s seniors, veterans and outdoor heritage,” said House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan. “Although our work and dialogue with Rep. Short never ceased, we are absolutely delighted that he has rejoined our caucus. We look forward to all that we will do together. I am proud to have him not just as a colleague, but as a friend.”


    “I am very pleased to welcome Rep. Stanley Short Jr. back to the Democratic caucus and our party,” said Speaker Mark Eves, D-North Berwick. “Regardless of political affiliation, Rep. Short has always been a strong voice for his community as well as for Maine workers, families, and seniors.”


    The House Democratic caucus now stands at 78 members. The House of Representatives comprises 151 members.  Two vacant seats will be filled through a special election on Nov. 3. One seat opened up with the death of Rep. Bill Noon, D-Springvale, and the other with the resignation of Rep. Mike Shaw, D-Standish.