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  • September 19th was Day of Action for strengthening Maine's Clean Election system

    Hundreds of Mainers from across the state took to the streets September 19, 2015, knocking on doors and talking to friends, neighbors and community members about Question 1, which will appear on the statewide ballot on November 3.

    “Mainers agree that we want a government that works for us, not one that works for lobbyists and wealthy campaign contributors,” said Andrew Bossie of Mainers for Accountable Elections. “Question 1 is about ensuring our elections are focused on everyday people and less dependent on wealthy special interest. This effort of, by, and for the people will increase transparency and accountability by limiting the influence of wealthy special interests in our elections and government.”

    Their work was part of an “Of, By and For the People Day of Action” planned by Mainers for Accountable Elections, the nonpartisan, grassroots coalition formed in support of Question 1. 

    “This is a grassroots, people powered campaign,” said Bossie. “It’s not about the 1 percent or the 99 percent, it’s about the 100 percent. It’s about a government that works for all of us. Question 1 will raise the voices of everyday Mainers in our democracy and that’s why Democrats, Republicans, Greens and independents are working together to vote ‘yes’ on Question 1 on November 3.” 

    For today’s day of action, volunteers gathered at staging locations in Sanford, Biddeford, Portland, Augusta, Belfast, Bangor, Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. They then hit the streets to canvass in support of Question 1, which has developed a strong coalition of support from Democrats, Republicans, Greens, independents and more than 40 grassroots organizations throughout Maine.  

    If passed on November 3, Question 1 will:

    • Increase transparency and disclosure by requiring special interest groups to list their top three donors on all political ads so voters know right away who is trying to influence their vote.

    • Increase accountability by toughening penalties and fines for candidates and special interest groups that break our campaign finance laws so politicians are accountable to the people – not wealthy special interests.

    • Encourage strict spending and contribution limits by strengthening Maine's Clean Election system so candidates aren’t beholden to special interests and big money donors.