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  • A Moose and Lobster Thank You to visitors- the Maine Way

    A "Thank you," that can only happen in Maine.

    Miles the Maine Turnpike Moose and Clawdette the Native Maine Lobster were designed by the Maine Turnpike Authority to help lighten the mood of people visiting Maine stuck in traffic at the York Toll Plaza. As the mascots waved and said "hello" they also handed out Farmers’ Almanacs to show tourists appreciation.

    “This is kind of the unofficial end of summer, so we like to say goodbye and thank them for coming,” said MTA Public Relations Coordinator Erin Courtney dressed up as Clawdette.“On the Farmers’ Almanac we say thank you for visiting and hope to see you next year.”

    Maine Turnpike workers waited until traffic was already backed up before greeting people in order to make sure they didn’t create any additional delays.