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  • $457,000 in federal grants for three Maine fire departments in Buxton, Bath, and Westport Island

     Three Maine fire departments—in Bath, Buxton, and Westport Island—will receive a total of $456,989 in funding through the federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant program to replace outdated and failing safety equipment.  
    “Every day, Maine firefighters put their lives on the line to protect public safety, but too many have to do so with failing protective gear that can be decades old.  Many communities simply can’t afford to replace it,” said Congresswoman Chellie Pingree.  “The Assistance to Firefighters Grant program is critical in helping departments get the gear they need to protect firefighter and public safety when local budgets fall short.  I’m so glad these three departments will receive funding. Each has an incredible need for new equipment and these funds will help them do their critical jobs more safely and effectively.” 
    Bath Fire Department will receive $163,810 for fire hose and breathing apparatus.
    Buxton Fire Department will receive $238,435 to replace sets of breathing apparatus that are approaching 40 years old.
    Westport Island Volunteer Fire Department will receive $54,744 for firefighter turnout gear, a washer to clean contaminated gear, and an air refill station—currently, they must take air cylinders to a neighboring town to be refilled, which can take them out of service for a day or more.