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  • U.S. invests nearly $200,000 in Maine to explore high-end sashimi market for fishermen

    Funding will help connect sushi chefs with local fishermen like this fleet in Portland, Maine. photo by Ramona du Houx

    Congresswoman Chellie Pingree said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is giving the Gulf of Maine Research Institute a $192,000 federal grant to work on the development of high-end sashimi-grade markets for Maine seafood.

    "High quality, fresh caught seafood can be extremely valuable if it's sold to sushi restaurants, but Maine seafood hasn't had as big a presence in that market as it could," said Pingree. "A little investment in developing those relationships between Maine fishermen and sushi chefs could pay off in a significant way."

    The grant from NOAA is to support the establishment of a market for sashimi-grade seafood products sourced from local fishermen. The supplychain for high-end value-added seafood will be identified in order to connect sushi chefs and other high-end seafood marketers with local fishermen to discover opportunities for locally harvested seafood.  Training will also be provided to fishermen about sashimi-grade handling of seafood products.