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  • Boyan Slat, 19, has begun to clean up the worlds oceans using ocean currents

    Never stop dreaming and doing. There are solutions to solve man made problems and young entrapenures are engaged in that process. They are giving us all a future.

    Boyan Slat saw the devestation caused by garbage patches around the world and took on the challenge of finding a solution. He gave a riveting Ted Talk unveiling his plan to clean the pollution using passive flotation devices and the ocean's own currents.  In 2014, at the age of 19, his plan became feasible, and now it's going into effect off the coast of Japan.

    Because of ocean currents, most plastic that ends up in the oceans finds its way into garbage patches around the globe. They poison marine life and end up in the food supply of the planet. Toxic chemicals like PCBs and DDTs are absorbed by the plastic and cause diseases like cancer, malformation and impaired reproductive ability. Some marine life also get tangled up in plastic waste and drown.

     It's estimated that 1/3rd of the world's oceanic plastic pollution is within the great Pacific Garbage Patch (number 01 on the map above).

    The currents pull the sea life under the floatation devices but the lighter-than-water plastics float into the barriers.  What would have taken humanity 70,000 years to clean with boats and nets can be cleaned, instead, in decades.

    It's estimated that a single, 100km cleanup array will clean 42 percent of the ocean's plastic in 10 years.  The first array will be deployed in 2016 and technology is underway to recycle the plastic into biofuel.

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