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  • Maine's NRCM Executive Director, Lisa Pohlmann wins “Women in Conservation Award”

    Lisa Pohlmann, Executive Director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), received high distinction from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), one of the country’s largest national conservation organizations, for her work protecting Maine’s environment.

    The Women in Conservation Award is presented to women that have shown exceptional leadership and dedication to issues related to conservation and climate action. Pohlmann was applauded for her contributions to efforts that reduce carbon emissions, promote clean energy, and protect wildlife and their habitats from risks posed by climate disruption.

    “I am privileged to be working every day to protect and restore the beautiful nature of Maine, and honored to be recognized by the National Wildlife Federation for this work,” said Lisa Pohlmann. “Women’s voices and involvement have been essential to progress on clean air and clean water, and there are thousands of women across the country now determined to see state and federal action on climate change as well.”

    Maine is experiencing serious impacts from climate change. Ticks are becoming more abundant and harming health and wildlife, like the iconic moose. Maine’s famous coastline is at risk from sea-level rise accelerated by climate disruption. The state’s ski, leaf-peeping, and maple syrup industries are vulnerable as temperatures continue to trend upward. Our warming summers bring more ozone smog, contributing to Maine’s high asthma rates. 

    In her role as head of the leading advocacy organization in Maine working to address climate change, Pohlmann has demonstrated strong leadership, working with other state groups and national partners like NWF. In particular, Pohlmann has been an important voice in support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan, which is designed to reduce power plant carbon pollution, the single largest contributor to climate change.

    “Lisa has a deep passion for the environment and a strong history of advocacy for the people of Maine. Her leadership and integrity have strengthened Maine’s conservation movement and helped protect the clean water, air and natural resources that our wildlife and our families depend upon,” said NWF President and Chief Executive Officer Collin O’Mara. “The National Wildlife Federation and our affiliates are proud to celebrate Lisa's model advocacy and shine a much-deserved spotlight on her ongoing work for NRCM to protect Maine's wildlife and wild places.”

    Lisa Pohlmann follows in the footsteps of many strong women who have had significant roles in the conservation movement. Rachel Carson, most famously known for her book Silent Spring, brought the environmental movement to the mainstream in the 1960s and captured the attention of Americans nationwide. Present-day environmental leader Gina McCarthy, the current Administrator of the EPA, has taken necessary steps forward to protect both people and wildlife from the effects of climate change by proposing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.