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  • Ben Chin, announces he is running for Mayor of Lewiston.

    by Ramona du Houx

    Ben Chin, the political director for the Maine People's Alliance, announced this week that he will challenge Mayor Robert MacDonald in the campaign for Lewiston mayor. The MPA has been critical of MacDonald and collected more than 1,000 signatures calling for MacDonald's resignation after he made comments that immigrants should leave their culture at the door.

    "I think that we can make Lewiston a city where every single child has a shot at the American dream," said Chin. "And I think that only happens when you push back against the rhetoric that our mayor has out there, and get somebody who has the energy to really get some things done."

    Chin is a Bates College graduate and a leader at Trinity Church and has run sucessful campaigns for the MPA.

    Chin outlined his priorities: improving housing for seniors and targeting downtown slumlords and improving the schools. He also vowed to fight for a better share of state funding for education.

    "Two years ago, the governor found half a billion dollars to pay back a debt to the hospitals simply because they demanded it over and over again," Chin said. "It's time Lewiston had a mayor just as unrelenting in the cause for our children's future."

    MacDonald will be running for his third term. He defeated challenger Larry Gilbert in 2013.

    has run sucessful campaigns for the MPA.MacDonald said he is ready for the challenge. "You know where I'm coming from, you know where I am" he said.