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  • Looming Homeland Security Shutdown Creates Uncertainty for Thousands of Maine Workers

    The Maine Democratic Party is calling on Rep. Bruce Poliquin to stop playing politics with national security and to support a long-term funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

    “Bruce Poliquin and House Republicans are holding our nation's security hostage with their gamesmanship,” said Phil Bartlett, chair of MDP. “This looming DHS shutdown has created uncertainty for thousands of workers who will go without pay if Republicans don't act. Rep. Poliquin has a clear choice: do his job and support a long-term funding bill, or continue to play politics with workers’ hard-earned pay and our national security.”

    Rep. Poliquin and House Republicans have refused to support a “clean” DHS funding bill and have only supported legislation that would undo President Obama’s comprehensive immigration policies, knowing the bill had no chance of passage.

    Congress has until midnight to pass a DHS funding bill, or thousands of Homeland Security employees and U.S. Coast Guard members will go without pay. In Maine, this includes more than 1,500 active and civilian duty members and thousands of American workers nationwide.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would also be delayed from processing state requests and 80 percent of FEMA workers would be furloughed. This would be particularly detrimental for Maine and New England states that have experienced severe weather and record-breaking snowfall this winter.