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  • Cellardoor Winery to join Circus Conservatory on Thompson Point

    Lincolnville-based Cellardoor Winery will open a location at Thompson's Point, the 30-acre former industrial site currently under development in Portland.The Circus Conservatory of America, a school which trains young students to become circus performers in arieal artestry.

    The winery will open a tasting room and retail space called Cellardoor at the Point, in a 5,000-square-foot space in the site's Brick South building, near the site of The Circus Conservatory of America.

    Chris Thompson, the site's developer said Cellardoor's expansion makes for "a perfect fit" at Thompson's Point.

    "This is building a neighborhood and if you don't get the DNA of it right from the start, it never feels like a neighborhood," said Thompson.

    Last fall Thompson's development company Forefront Partners reached a long-term agreement with the State Theatre to host concerts and other entertainment on the edge of the Thompson Point peninsula.