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  • Maine Sen. District 25 recount will go to the Senate o decide so Democrats may loose another seat

    By Ramona du Houx

    Secretary of State Matt Dunlap announced that a  recount of results from the general election in Senate District 25 has not been accepted by both candidates and will therefore be sent on to the Senate for a final decision.

    Catherine Breen (D) and Cathleen Manchester (R) had both sought the District 25 seat, which covers part of Cumberland County. Manchester requested the recount after unofficial results from Election Day indicated that she had lost the election, 10,898 to 10,930.

    At the conclusion of the recount, which was conducted today under the supervision of the Secretary of State's Office, the count showed that the election results were reversed: Breen received 10,916 votes, while Manchester received 10,927, which would result in Republicans gaining another seat.

    Nine ballots are in dispute and Manchester has not agreed to the results of the recount, which now sends the matter to the Senate. The Senate president will appoint an elections committee, which will make a recommendation to the full body. In the meantime, said Dunlap, the apparent winner on election night, Breen, will be provisionally seated until the Senate makes a final decision.

    This is the third and final State Senate recount this fall, listed above. Two additional recounts, in Senate District 2 and Senate District 13, had been requested, but those requests were withdrawn. All of the recounts took place in the Florian Room of the Department of Public Safety Building, 45 Commerce Drive in Augusta.