AMERICA 477 Days = 521 Shootings. Result: Massachusetts law banning bump-stocks

Time and time again there have been opportunitites for Congress to stop innocent Americans from being shot. No civilian needs semi-automatic or automatic weapons or a bump-stock that turns a rifile into a killing machine. Innocent children are dying daily.

The reality is without laws in place to stop the sale of these guns people think it's OK to stock pile them. When they do that eventually we have a massacre. Congress is responsible for the deaths of hundreds. They need to know that it's because of their refusal to stop the sale of these weapons people die.

Republican Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito of Massachusetts signed a bill on November 4, 2017 outlawing so-called bump stocks, accessories that allow semi-automatic firearms to mimic the rapid firing action of machine guns. The bill's passage makes Massachusetts the first state to enact a ban on bump stocks in the wake of last month's shooting in Las Vegas, the deadliest in modern American history. Authorities say the gunman responsible for the massacre, which left 58 people dead and hundreds wounded, used bump stocks to allow his semi-automatic weapons to rain down considerably more bullets on the unsuspecting crowd during the attack. Bump stocks attach to semi-automatic weapons and enable sustained firing by using the force of the weapon's kickback to bounce the firearm against the shooter's trigger finger over and over. The newly approved Mass. ban provides a 90-day grace period for bump stock owners to discard their devices.

Lobby your state legislature, governor and Congress for action to come up with a law like the one Massachusetts took.

Research by the New York Times