Part of a photographic series by Jeff Kirlin, People at Work: The Low Wage Earners of Maine.

These images are part of a photographic series by Jeff Kirlin, People at Work: The Low Wage Earners of Maine.

Most of the people in the series, highlighted in this issue, depict some of our fellow neighbors who work for the state’s minimum wage of just $7.50 an hour. Kirlin works in his free time documenting them.

“The photography project was started after I was told by a person in a position to help bring about a higher minimum wage that he didn’t feel it was a real problem because it hasn’t been brought to his personal attention,” said Jeff, a speech therapist and Bangor based photographer. “This project is intended to give not a voice but a platform for those earning low wages, and their supporters, and how their lives are affected by stagnant wages.”

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